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Colleen Cole, Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Training

What to expect in a session: a fun and focused combination of dynamic movement, mobility techniques, calisthenics, and strength training to help attain goals in injury recovery and prevention, flexibility, stability, sports performance, and overall health.

Times are limited, and all scheduling for personal training sessions will happen directly through meseparate from my online acupuncture schedule. 

Social media has many videos of trainings, schedules and tips for training and coaching, and with the tools its easy to promote and get a higher engagement of content.


“Colleen is one of the best instructors in movement, exercise and weight training that I have ever had, I also learned great stretching techniques thanks to the website he recommended,  She is very clear with instructions and always gives little hints about what to pay attention to in a movement to ensure I am making the most of my workout.  Her encouragement and positive attitude help me to stretch myself while staying out of self judgment and criticism.” — Mary, Durham NC


Colleen Cole, Crow PoseYoga

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self.” -The Bhagavad Gita-

Upcoming Workshops



“Colleen’s yoga workshops provide the perfect opportunity to connect with the time of year and with yourself. She creates such a sweet and safe space for meeting with others of like mind and heart and offers a great balance of instruction in Chinese Medicine and yoga philosophy, time for reflection, and guided movement. I try never to miss a workshop because they serve to ground me so well in my body and in my life.” –Abby, Carrboro


“This was my first workshop with Colleen Cole LAc and I am so glad that I attended. The space was beautiful and inviting and Colleen’s energy is so soothing. I am a complete beginner and I followed along without any problems. I told Colleen that I came in feeling dusty internally and when I left had a nice humid moist feeling inside. That means I felt a lot better! Lol I am looking forward to future workshops. I did work with Colleen prior to this workshop as I received acupuncture from her and I recommend her 100%. :)” –Lori, Durham


“Colleen’s workshops are enjoyable because she is a skilled yoga teacher and has a very nurturing and fun style of teaching, but they are also special. The way she seamlessly weaves in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and practices with those of Yoga make for a deeply healing experience. It’s almost magical. I expect to gain knowledge, new techniques, and practical application of the content to my life when I attend a workshop. Colleen delivers all this and more. It is important for me to feel as connected to the world around me as I can, and Colleen’s teachings enable me to expand my understanding, as well as my experience of, being an integral part of my environment.” –Bryanne, Carrboro (30, Yoga practitioner and teacher)
“Colleen’s Spring Workshop was like a breath of fresh air, both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. I loved getting to relax into Savasana while learning about the meaning of Spring in the Chinese Medicine tradition. I also got a lot of insight out of the self-reflection exercise. I left feeling both grounded and excited about the start of the new season and all the potential that lay ahead!” –Nadia, Hillsborough ( 

 *Private instruction and corporate wellness available for individuals or small groups.*

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